Information Technology in California State Government

California calls on the best and the brightest from around the globe to come and create the future.  People in the nation’s “Silicon state” are inventing the technologies that will determine the course of our information rich society – the technologies that are transforming the way people live, work and communicate.  In the same spirit, California government relies on technology to deliver services that are always available, easily accessible, and affordable.  California strives to be the leader among states in meeting the needs of residents and businesses for information and services.

In 2008, California placed 3rd among 50 states in the annual Best of the Web competition; 4th in the independent annual Brookings Institution’s State and Federal Technology Survey; 5th in the Digital State Survey.

In California, Agency Secretaries, Constitutional Officers and Department Directors establish policy direction and business priorities.  Technology leadership is provided by the state’s Chief Information Officers – the State CIO, 14 CIOs at the Agency level and some 130 CIOs in boards, bureaus, departments, and offices in support of program needs.  This professional community of business and technology professionals is a team of abundant skills and experience.  They take the field every day in pursuit of winning approaches to meet the needs of the people of California. 

In order to make the best possible business-IT environment for California state government, business leaders, IT executives, and staff must work together as a team.  In 2008, the State of California was recognized by several rankings and surveys of state IT programs.  Attaining high rankings are not an end, but rather a challenge to measure the state against other states achieving at a high level.  California’s precipitous rise in the national rankings signifies an important fact.  The state’s best work, when done, is as good as the best work of anyone else.