From Goals to Action

The Six Strategic Concepts that make up this plan include:

  1. IT as reliable as electricity – Allowing business decision-makers to focus on business operations with the expectation that their IT needs will be provided for by a professional IT organization.
  2. Fulfilling Technology’s potential to transform lives – Open and accessible online government services ensure that the state is meeting the expectations of the people it governs.
  3. Self-Governance in the digital age – The greatest value from the state’s use of IT is the ability to engage residents and businesses on their terms at a time and place of their choosing. 
  4. Information as an asset – State agencies have a wealth of data and information that, if properly interpreted and mobilized, can be used to better inform the public.
  5. Economic and Sustainable – By aligning the state’s operations, agenda and goals to be relevant and applicable in perpetuity, we are able to balance the demands of today with the challenges of the future.
  6. Facilitating collaboration that breeds better solutions – No one entity has a monopoly on good ideas.  Enabling communication between stakeholders, external and internal to government, is essential to open and accountable government.

These concepts are built on strategies and goals for action - our next step is to partner with state agency business and IT leaders to determine the tactical steps required to implement these strategies and realize tangible benefits from this Plan in the near term. 

Despite limited resources, we must continue to make strategic investments to enhance government services and renew our technology infrastructure.