Statewide Initiatives

The 2006 Strategic Plan, produced by the state’s CIOs, provided California Information Technology with the following mission: Information technology support for the Executive Branch of California State Government will operate as a seamless enterprise, delivering consistent, cost-effective, reliable, accessible and secure services that satisfy the needs of its diverse public and private customers, including the People of California, its business communities and its public sector agencies.  (California State Information Technology 2006 Strategic Plan, pg 5) 

The 2006 mission’s focus on the outward facing effects of creating a state government that leverages technology for itself and its constituents is at the core of the state’s large technology initiatives.  These initiatives, touching on various policy areas, are consistent with the belief that technology has the potential to better the state we live in. 

We know that technology is going to be part of our future, or as Governor Schwarzenegger said at the 2008 GTC West meeting, “There are a lot of new and exciting changes that are taking place and transforming our future, all made possible by technology.  That's why I am a big, big believer in technology, technology, technology.  That's where the action is.”  The question that we address in this section is what that future might look like and how will the state use technology to shape that future.