Capital Plan

The Five-Year Statewide  Information Technology Capital Plan (ITCP) integrates business planning with technology planning, providing the ability to develop technology solutions in the context of business priorities, while addressing enterprise standards and leveraging opportunities. 

The 2009 California Information Technology Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) provides the blueprint for linking the business functions of government with the technology activities to deliver business priorities.  This Five-Year Statewide ITCP builds on this blueprint, and is the result of a collaborative process between agencies, departments, the OCIO and the Department of Finance.  The Statewide ITCP is intended to: 

Eighty-five state entities submitted their ITCPs to the OCIO and the Department of Finance.  These ITCPs established the foundation for ensuring that IT investments supported state priorities and business direction, and were aligned with technology standards.  These ITCPs also provided a statewide view of concepts for proposed IT projects; facilitated the selection of concepts suitable for further study, and formed the basis for the Statewide Five Year ITCP.

The Statewide Five Year ITCP will be available for review at this website later this month.