2012 Statewide IT Capital Plan

The Statewide Information Technology Capital Plan (ITCP) is the planning mechanism used to ensure that the state's information technology (IT) investments are aligned with business priorities in a manner consistent with the state's technology direction. The Statewide ITCP represents the Executive Branch's plan for IT investments over the next five years in support of the California IT Strategic Plan. The information in the ITCP is used to:

Agency and department IT Project Proposals included in the 2012 Statewide ITCP are conceptually approved at this point. Accordingly, these IT Project Proposals will be subject to formal evaluation of their business value, programmatic priority, resource requirements and the availability of funding as they proceed through the normal project and budget approval process. This evaluation may occur within a state agency if the resulting proposal does not meet external reporting requirements or both inside and outside the state agency if externally reportable. A summary of IT Project Proposals included in the 2012 Statewide IT Capital Plan is available at: 2012 Conceptually Approved IT Project Proposals (xls)